Increase Your SQL Power to OVER 9000!!

When I need to obtain a better understanding of a certain topic in SQL, the first place I tend to visit is YouTube. Rightfully so too, because if you do a quick search for SQL you will easily be overwhelmed by the number of videos out there.

I want to…

A quick intro into SQL data types

There are many flavors of SQL — Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, BigQuery, PostgreSQL — and just like that there are various version of SQL for each flavor. …

Because not all data is stored in the same spot.

For me joins in SQL were one of those things that was difficult to understand, but is super important to understand. After some practice and this article, hopefully the confusion will subside.

Like the headline says there are at least 6 ways to join data in SQL. Previously I wrote…


Enough To Be Dangerous.

I recently began learning SQL not to long ago by being thrown in to the fire. I decided that it would be a good idea dive into the fundamentals to have a more solid foundation. This is the beginning of my journey.

Creating Database and Tables

Note: I will be using PostgreSQL 13 and…


About a week ago I decided I wanted do more with SQL than what I was using at work. I came across this a book from Packt Publishing called The Applied SQL Data Analytics Workshop that I decided to purchase. …

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